Rumor: PlayStation 4.5 Revision Coming, Supports 4K Gaming

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We really try not to run this many rumors (Editor’s Note: We’ve covered a few recently), however, a recent one surrounding the PlayStation 4 has gotten a bit more convincing as of late.

Kotaku originally reported their own sources claiming that Sony is developing a PlayStation 4 hardware revision with 4K resolution support.

Now, Eurogamer has also corroborated the rumor with their own independent sources, confirming what is currently dubbed the “PlayStation 4.5” (Editor’s Note: We purposefully waited to report on the rumor until it developed more).

According to Eurogamer, Sony R&D have been working on prototypes, however the increased GPU “is nowhere near enough to provide native 4K gaming at the same quality level as current 1080p titles.”

Eurogamer is speculating (Editor’s Note: Not from their source) that the new prototype is either a newer, more powerful PlayStation 4 with a new APU (accelerated processing unit), a new model that simply runs previously released games better, or something akin to a “PlayStation 4 slim,” complete with 4K support in gaming, however it would still probably only be able to run games at 1080p – it’s all dependent on the hardware.

The clincher is how visually-demanding the games themselves are, with expectations set to flashy, AAA games not being able to run in ultra-HD, 4K resolutions.

We’ll update this article as the rumor develops.

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