Missingno. Glitch Still Exists in Pokemon Red / Blue 3DS Virtual Console Release


We’ve learned (thanks, NintendoEverything) that infamous glitch Pokemon Missingno. still exists in the 3DS virtual console releases of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.

The above video (Editor’s note: it’s in German) shows footage of the mysterious and potentially game-destroying (it can corrupt your Hall of Fame save data, completely) Pokemon being encountered. You can watch the above video to learn how to do it, or you can read a tidbit below:

So how do you catch Missingno., you ask? It’s somewhat of an easier glitch to exploit, but is really only possible later in the game. First, you have to talk to the man in the northern region of Viridian City – the man who teaches you how to catch a Pokemon with Poke Balls.

After speaking with him, immediately fly to Cinnabar Island, and then proceed to surf alongside the east coastline, with half your preferred Pokemon on the beach, and half on the ocean. Eventually, you’ll run into Missingno. and be given the option to unleash all kinds of weird bugs in your save file! (should you choose to capture it).

It’s also worth mentioning this is the setup for the popular infinite item glitch, which gives you 128 of any item put into your sixth item slot. However, you have to run away from Missingno., and it only works when you encounter the fabled creature (also shown in the video).

This is a testament to how the classic games have been released, source code and all, to the 3DS Virtual Console.

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