Rest Easy, The Pokemon Company Localizing Pokemon Sun and Moon with Game Freak

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Nintendo officially announced Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon this morning – however there were fan concerns over localization rights and the game’s transition from its original Japanese to its confirmed nine language options, following the debacle with Fire Emblem Fates.

I reached out to The Pokemon Company to clarify their role in the new games, and they reaffirmed they’re working on both games, alongside GAME FREAK:

“All core franchise titles are developed by GAME FREAK and localized internally with support from The Pokemon Company,” said a representative from the studio.

So as it has been in the past – GAME FREAK themselves are localizing the game alongside The Pokemon Company. It’s worth mentioning the representative did not comment on Fire Emblem Fates – they simply confirmed their input on the Pokemon games.

While no gameplay for the games were shown in its reveal, there were snippets of concept art and such. Are you guys excited for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? Sound off in the comments below!

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