Sekai Project Explains Why They Removed Yohjo Simulator from Steam

yohjo simulator 11-20-15-2

If you recall, we recently reported on the removal of Yohjo Simulator from Steam with no explanation as to why.

Sekai Project (in an interview with Hardcore Gamer) gave not one but two reasons to the games removal.

The first reason was due to the games poor reception with users about the game’s poor quality.┬áThe second reason was due to a specific process that went past Sekai Project before the game was submitted to Steam.

The scene in question involved a young girl lying unconcious with a pair of panties next to her, with an adult male standing before her (you can view this above).

Sekai Project had this to say about the scene:

We would like to formally apologize for not having discovered this content before the game was released[…]Had we known it would have been swiftly removed from the game. Unfortunately, this was not the case and we are truly sorry for the severe oversight on our part. We hope that this has not left a negative impact on how you use Steam as a gaming service, or your experience with Sekai Project and our releases. This has served as a valuable lesson and will have a significant but positive impact on how we test upcoming titles before they are released.

Sekai Project are currently working on getting the game back on Steam with the scene removed alongside some content.

Alexis Nascimento-Lajoie


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