New Final Fantasy XIV Details Path 3.1’s Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe Quests

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The Lodestone has posted a new preview for Heavensward patch 3.1 today, discussing the new beast tribe quests for the Vanu Vanu. But more specifically the Zundu tribe.

Though it’s nothing new to players who paid attention during the Main Quest Line in Heavensward, the tribes of the Vanu Vanu are in a very tumultuous time. The tribes are fractured, especially after the summoning of Bismarck. The Vundu tribe – those responsible for Bismarck’s appearance – quickly took control of the other tribes around the Sea of Clouds after the summoning, but the Zundu tribe isn’t as ready to be a part of all of it as the others.

As a relatively peaceful tribe, they have been attempting to oppose the Vundu tribe but aren’t doing so well. In hopes to turn things around, they are now looking for the aid of an adventurer to help out.

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As always, by completing daily quests from the Vanu Vanu, you’ll be able to raise your reputation with them and eventually be able to buy things from their vendor like a new mount, minions or furnishings. There will also be plenty of new tidbits of lore for loremongers.

Maybe we’ll even get an emote for their snazzy dance?

Patch 3.1 is going to be dropping into Heavensward of November 10th, next Tuesday.

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