The Technomancer “First Contact” Trailer Reveals Combat Styles, Skill Trees

French-based RPG studio Spiders had a cult hit on their hands with 2013’s Mars War Logs, and while the reception it received was somewhat mixed, it showed great promise. Enough at least to get the developers to broaden the idea and take another shot at making a martian-based science fiction RPG with their latest project, The Technomancer. Though we’ve already seen a trailer for the game back in August, it didn’t show much of the title and amounted to little more than an opening cinematic – Albeit an impressive one.

This new video, titled “First Contact”, goes much deeper and shows examples of the fighting styles and skill trees that will be available in the finished game. It also mentions the ability to start NPC romances, engage in gear crafting, and allowing for characters to focus entirely on stealth as well. Add in the promise of five distinct endings and a supposedly non-linear quest line and Spiders may have their first huge cross-platform hit on their hands.

The Technomancer will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime in 2016.

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Carl Batchelor


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