Civilization Revolution 2 Plus Announced for PS Vita, Launching December 3

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2K Games have announced Civilization Revolution 2 Plus for PlayStation Vita.

The new version of the game is exclusively for PS Vita, and will bring with it a bunch of new scenarios, units, and world leaders from Japan’s history that won’t be in any other version.

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Here are some of the Japanese leaders added to the game:

  • Oda Nobunaga: Focused on medieval era/samurai bonus
  • Heihachiro Togo: Naval combat related bonuses
  • Himiko: More diplomatic related, governmental related bonuses

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus will be launching for PS Vita as a digital-only release on December 3rd in both North America and Europe (You can also get a physical release of the multi-language version, from Play-Asia).

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