Nintendo Announces My Nintendo and Nintendo Account Services

nintendo 10-28-15-1

Following the closure of Club Nintendo, Nintendo has announced (via Wall Street Journal) a successor to the program, dubbed simply My Nintendo.

The new program will let you earn points by purchasing and playing games, which you can redeem for digital content like in-game items, wallpapers, and even redeem them for physical rewards like game figurines, coupons, or more. So, it’s basically just like Club Nintendo.

Nintendo also announced a new online customer account system, called Nintendo Account. This new system will let you transfer data between home console games, and mobile games.

my nintendo 10-28-15-1

You’ll reportedly be able to easily make new accounts, via a Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, Gmail, and so on (as pictured above). You can purchase downloads via the site, see previous purchases, game-related messages, playing info, and more.

In related news, the publisher announced their first smartphone game, Miitomo, which is set to release in March of next year. At least four more smartphone games will be released by Nintendo by March of 2017 – to which any of their existing franchises could appear in said games.

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