Wield Giant Swords in Doko Roko, An Atmospheric Action-Roguelike

Doko Roko is a 2D vertical action roguelike, which focuses on frenetic combat and a rich atmospheric experience. The game aims to give its narrative as much love and care as its core mechanics, focusing on a very deep in-game world with subtle storytelling.

In the words of the game’s creator, Eric Mack, “…You’ll absorb the story at your own pace through brain-osmosis rather than me having to inject it with huge clumsy hands.”

The player will explore the world of The Tower, which is both procedurally-generated and “meticulously hand-crafted.” Through conversations with the other Unslain living in this towering ecosystem, one will come to learn of the general lore the game puts forth.

The in-game realm will also change with consecutive playthroughs, the player’s efforts having a cumulative effect on the world.


Swordplay is at the game’s core, with several giant weapons to slay your enemies with. Dodging, parrying, striking, and reflecting incoming projectiles are all part of the gameplay, and the player will have to master these to stand a chance of survival. The Unslain will also have limited use of powerful Magicks, which can be wielded for devastating attacks.

Transformation is also something that might happen to the protagonist at certain points in the game. Phrased as, “Cosmic Infestation,” the developer explains that the Unslain might undergo some substantial changes to their body. These alterations could affect mobility, combat, and physical appearance.


Doko Roko is currently going through a Kickstarter campaign, with an estimated delivery of backer rewards in October 2017. More information on the game will be made available as it develops!

Cody Long


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