Eon Altar Offers A Fresh Couch Co-Op RPG Experience

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There tend to be a lot of unsung and hidden gems of games on Steam, and even someone who searches through the massive catalog daily is going to miss some potentially great games.

Eon Altar is one of those potentially easily missed games that has something very interesting and fun to offer. For those of you that like classic RPGs and actually role-playing with your friends D&D style – buckle up, because this one is for you.

Eon Altar itself is an isometric RPG with plenty of enemies, gear and other stuff for players to hunt after. The combat is tactical and turn-based, which is pretty standard for old school RPGs. But these are the few standard details in an otherwise unusual game.

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Rather than any controller or keyboard, you’ll be using a smartphone as a controller. Now, before you groan, hear me out. The game makes really creative use of the smartphone’s capabilities, with the screen – and your controller – changing constantly to match what you’re able to do at a given time. But this type of control scheme really shines when you consider that Eon Altar is meant to be played as a co-op game.

The smartphones’ screens, when used for co-op, essentially makes every player act separately – in the same way you would in a D&D game. Not only are you able to check out your skills and equipment and such individually on your own screen (think Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles), but you get even more than that.

Individuals will get hints on their screen regarding the location of secret treasure, for example, and then have the option of whether or not to share the information. Other characters will be sent into the game with secret objectives – like assassinating someone – and you can choose whether or not to share. ┬áThe possibilities involved far outweigh the gimmicky feel of using the smartphone as a controller.

And it gets even better. None of the main characters are voiced – instead, your character’s dialogue will show up on your phone, and you’re expected to read it yourself out loud. This can be incredibly fun with the right group, as each of you acts out your best rendition of your high fantasy character. While this part of the game really depends on who you chose to play with, this can be great fun with the right crew.

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The turn-based system is actually well designed as well, to keep the game moving. All the players move at the same time, which keeps the combat from feeling sluggish and boring, even with four players playing. Things keep moving, and it makes the game that much more appealing. The controller app is free, and can run on both iOS and Android, so unless you have a much older phone, you should be able to play. It’s still recommended that you make sure your phone is up to snuff before you buy, though.

Eon Altar is currently on Early Access on Steam, at will run you $4.99 for the first episode, which is over 90% complete, but missing a bit of extra polish. The developer says that they are looking for feedback before moving on to subsequent episodes. However, with just the first episode, you’ll be getting three levels, which is roughly four hours of content for each playthrough.

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If you’re a fan of old school RPGs, co-op games, and D&D style adventure, this one may be hard to pass up. You can find Eon Altar here on Steam Early Access, for $4.99.

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