New Omega Labyrinth Details, Characters, and More

With all of the details of Omega Labyrinth slowly being revealed, D3 and Matrix Software have released yet another batch of information regarding the game, two new heroines, and a few of the gameplay systems that are in place in the new Vita dungeon exploring roguelike.

First up, we have the new characters.

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Mirei Shirogane, voiced by Fumiko Uchimura, is the student council president at Anberyl Girls Academy. Unfortunately lacking any natural talent, Mirei has worked hard to achieve what she has done through practice and training. She is, however, graced with both beauty and intelligence.

When she was younger, she was helped by a student council president, and has since chased after the title herself in order to be more like that person. She is always trying to become a person who can be nice to everyone. Oh, and she hates natto, but is diligently working to overcome that hate.

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Marika Hikawa, voiced by Yu Kobayashi, is the student council vice-president at the Academy, and unlike Mirei, is indeed blessed with an abundance of natural talent. She hails from a well-respected family and is considered to be one of the most stand-out students.

Usually able to handle just about any situation easily and efficiently, she ends up a bit smitten with Mirei after she competes against her. In fact, she’s so overcome with admiration for the president that she ends up acting the part of a tsundere, showing the rough “tsun” side to Aina and the gang, while responding to Mirei (and her pet cat) with her more adorable “dere” side.

Omega Labyrinth 9-8-2015 - 3

Also shown was the above picture as a teaser image for the next character to be revealed.

The next bit of info shared was regarding Bras and Panties in Dungeons. That’s right, the game will have you finding undies during the dungeon exploration. Just like with more traditional armor items in dungeon crawlers and RPGs, bras and panties here will confer a boost to Defense when worn, and maybe even other special bonuses. And furthermore, setting them up in matching pairs will give even better bonuses. Swords and Shields can be set up as a matching pair for special effects, too.

Also discussed was Rescuing the girls during a dungeon run. On occasion, some of your party members may get kidnapped by a boss from deeper inside the dungeon. After it happens, you’ll run across the girl somewhere deeper in the dungeon restrained in some way, which will require you to release them by using the touch screen to sever their bonds in some way.

Despite whatever urge you may or may not have to touch inappropriate places when they’re right in front of you, you’ll need to be careful where you touch – you’ll have to cut or otherwise deal with the trap in the correct order to actually free them.

The last real gameplay mechanic discussed this time was the Appraisal System once again. Less about how it works this time, but more about a feature regarding it – items can be appraised at almost any time, and that includes while inside a dungeon.

If you appraise an item while inside the dungeon, the appraisal will actually be done with the girls’ current breast size. However, it is good to note that breast size will not have any sort of effect on the item in question, so you’re free to go with whatever suits you best.

And lastly, Oppai Touching is not limited by scene. Despite being a partial focus in the Appraisals, Faint in Agony Awakenings, and Rescues, you’re fully welcome to touch anywhere during just about any scene, including while in dungeons, during dialogue screens, menus and so on.

Not only will you get the expected shake, but the characters will react too.

In case you missed it, you can find the game’s debut trailer here.

Omega Labyrinth is launching in Japan on November 19th for the PS Vita.

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