Furry Sky Pirate Action-RPG Stories: The Hidden Path is Revealed for Playstation 4

Spearhead Games (Tiny Brains) have announced Stories: The Hidden Path, a new action RPG for the Playstation 4.

The game is set within a world of magic on the verge of being conquered by the imperial armada. Described as being full of “floating islands, majestic airships, and flamboyant magic,” players will step into the role of Reynardo, a sky pirate and the lone survivor of the vanguard – the last defenders against the imperial armada.

“We’re building Stories to feel like an enchanted book with a different tale to tell each time you open it,” Spearhead Games co-founder Simon Darveau said on the PlayStation Blog.

stories the hidden path 08-15-15-1

“Every choice you make in the game affects the storyline in real-time, and the narrator adapts his tale dynamically to reflect your course of action. With beautiful illustrations at every turn of the page, Stories will have you diving deeper into the narrative nuances each time you play.”

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Stories: The Hidden Path is going to be playable at PAX Prime, which goes down in Seattle between August 28th to 31st.

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