PlayStation Now is Now Available on PlayStation Vita

PS Now 8-4-2015 - 1

PS Vita is now compatible with PlayStation Now subscriptions, meaning Vita owners can now stream various titles to their handhelds.

Sony has also announced that several new games are being added to PS Now this month as well, including God of War III, Dynasty Warriors 8, MX vs. ATV Supercross, Bomberman Ultra, and The Last Guy.

For those interested, PS Now offers a 7-day free trial for people to try before committing, and for those of us that are letting our Vitas collect dust during this game dry spell this may be a great chance to dust it off.

And there’s more good news, too. PS Now is also going to be available on a number of the newer Sony TVs. While it’s unlikely that you’ll have one of those laying around without having recently bought a new TV, it is great to see the possibilities extending well beyond just gaming systems. You can check out the new information and supported devices here.

And a little tip to wrap it all together! PS TVs are under $40 for Amazon Prime members – that and a subscription to PS Now may be a great solution to gamers that don’t have access to Sony platforms.

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