Here’s the First Look at RPG Maker MV, Now Coming in English this Winter

rpg maker mv 08-07-15

Enterbrain has shared the first screenshots, details, and trailer for their recently announced RPG Maker MV, the latest in their ongoing series of DIY-RPG makers.

This is the first entry in the series to be on Mac (as well as PC), and will be available in English alongside its Japanese release this winter.

Featured above, you can view the debut trailer for the game.

rpg maker mv 08-07-15-5

RPG Maker MV now allows for side-view battles as a default option, alongside the classic first-person battles.

rpg maker mv 08-07-15-8

The game will support touch play on both smartphones and tablets. You can also guide your party from one point to another, via touching the destination. The PC and Mac versions naturally support mouse and or keyboard controls, as well as gamepad support.

The database for RPG Maker MV has been upped to 2,000 items, in comparison to RPG Maker VX Ace, which only had 999 items. This includes things like weapons, armor, items, skills, and more.

Maps are now automatically three-layers, meaning transparent sections can be made by stacking upper-level tiles. This streamlines map-building, by automatically providing three layers for various items.

The resolution in RPG Maker MV has been increased as well, from 544×416 seen in RPG Maker VX Ace to 816×624. Walking character sprites have been increased from 32×32 to 48×48.

rpg maker mv 08-07-15-17

Everything in the game has been increased by at least 1.5 times. Finally, you can visit the game’s newly opened English website, here.

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