Fallout 4 is Getting a Collector’s Edition With a Lunchbox, Exclusive to Australia

fallout 4 07-28-15-1

It can be rough being a gamer in Australia, with the strict rating system and some games never arriving there. Despite this, Australian Fallout fans will be getting a very nice surprise.

EB Games Australia is selling Fallout 4 “Nuke Pack” exclusively. The “Nuke Pack” comes with a Fallout-themed lunchbox, along with a 37 x 10″ Fallout 4 print and Vaultboy Mini Bobblehead. The game itself will come in a steelbook case.

Fallout 4 “Nuke Pack” will be priced at 114.95 AUD, which comes to around 84 USD.

Alexis Nascimento-Lajoie


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