Nenokami: The Princess Knights of Kyoto is Coming West

Sekai Project has confirmed they’re localizing Kuro Irodoru Yomiji’s visual novel, Nenokami: The Princess Knights of Kyoto.

The story within the game is set in modern day Kyoto, where an earthquake in the prefecture’s northern district provokes “paganist” cultists into behaving oddly, while also coming alongside reports of “oni”-like beings appearing nationwide in Japan.

Despite the strange happenings, as time passes, ordinary folk start to forget the earthquake, and the appearance of oni across the nation. The protagonist, Ren, is suddenly reunited with her childhood friend, Shinonome.

“Ren. As of today, I’m going to have you abandon this town… and your life,” said Shinonome when meeting Ren for the first time in years. Following this, Ren is put into the forefront of “reality,” while also witnessing the veil hiding the “truth” behind the world being lifted.

A release date was not given, but we’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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