The Menagerie is Launching on September 18

Manga Gamer and developer Lupiesoft have announced the release date for In the City of Alabast: The Menagerie.

The erotic and exotic visual novel will be launching on September 18th, on PC. The game’s opening cinematic was also shown off, which you can view above.

It’s worth mentioning that while the above version of the opening cinematic is censored, the game itself is completely uncensored and features scenes of bondage, futanari, yuri, and more.

In the City of Alabast: The Menagerie¬†will cost $15.95, and can be found over on Manga Gamer’s online store. If you’re looking to try the game out, there’s even a playable demo available, found here¬†(also on Manga Gamer).

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