Here’s a Concept of What Gameplay in Comcept’s Red Ash Will Look Like

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Comcept and Keiji Inafune revealed a Mega Man Legends successor in their latest project, Red Ash, on Kickstarter, this past Saturday.

The entire project spans two Kickstarters, one for a game, the other for an anime, and is quite ambitious in scope. Lots of fans were concerned and/or upset at the reveal, with a common complaint being that we don’t even know how the game will play.

Now, in a new Kickstarter update, Comcept and co-developer Hyde, Inc. have revealed a gameplay mock-up, which you can view above. Comcept are positioning the game as a story broken into two parts, the first being the “KalKanon Incident.” This game is supposed to be around 8 hours of gameplay, however, should the campaign only hit the base goal of $800,000, core content will have to be cut down, with further material only being added via stretch goals.

In case you’re wondering why Tyger is featured in the above gameplay concept, Comcept made a point in addressing this:

“With the current initial goal we have set, adding Tyger as a playable was not possible so we originally wanted to avoid releasing this image so as not to confuse backers. However, we also want to convey to our fans what sort of game we are looking to create, and we also feel it is important to convey all parts of the original vision of the game, including Tyger as a playable character! We still want to add Tyger to the game, so do your part and spread the word about the project!”

Red Ash: The Indelible Legend is currently being Kickstarted for PC, with expected console ports to be revealed as stretch goals later.

(Editor’s Note: Thumbnail image is from the anime of Red Ash: Magicicada, which you can read more about here)

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