Himawari: The Sunflower Remake is Coming West

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Manga Gamer has announced they’re bringing the Front Wing-developed remake, Himawari: The Sunflower.

The game will be getting an 18+ version on Manga Gamer’s store, as well as an all-ages version on Steam. The remake also comes with brand-new artwork by Kuuchuu Yousai, an artist of the Angel Djibril series.

The story within Himawari is somewhat of a hard sci-fi romance, filled with tragedy, love, and sacrifice – taking place both on Earth and in outer space. The protagonist, Hinata Youichi, lost his family in an accident, while also becoming an amnesiac in the process.

Now, Hinata finds comfort in a group of friends, Amamiya Ginga and Saionji Asuka. Things get shaken up, however, when a strange orb from space crash-lands on Earth, revealing a young girl, who is also an amnesiac.

While the game is also coming to PS Vita in Japan, this release will only be on PC (if you order the adult version through Manga Gamer, you’ll get a Steam/All-Ages copy for free).

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