Red Ash is Fully Revealed as a Mega Man Legends Successor, Now on Kickstarter

Keiji Inafune and Comcept have fully revealed their latest game, Red Ash, as a collaborative effort with animation company Studio 4℃ that encompasses both a game, as well as a new anime series – both of which are directly inspired by the Mega Man Legends series.

Featured above, you can view the Kickstarter pitch for what is going to be a game, Red Ash: The Indelible Legend.

The new team working on Red Ash is going to be led by Art Director Kazushi Ito and Director Masahiro Yasuma, and key members that worked on the open world game design with Mega Man Legends. (Editor’s note: Comcept is getting help with Hyde, Inc., for development on the game)

Here is the cast of characters and artwork for the game version of Red Ash:

red ash 07-04-15-2

Beck: Male, 16 years old

A young boy who teams up with his partner Tyger, aiming to hit it big as Delvers. He is very dexterous and excels in using his fleet-footedness in battle, and adept at infiltration into the most heavily guarded areas.

His left arm can be interchanged with different types of tools and weapons, allowing him to adapt to any situation or terrain.

red ash 07-04-15-3

Tyger: Male, 30 somethin’ years old

Beck’s trustworthy partner. Although he has a rough way of talking, he also has a wise and level-headed demeanor that belies his tough appearance. He is an adept sharpshooter with incredible accuracy and precision, as well as a talented driver capable of operating a wide variety of vehicles and machinery.

He runs the T&B Company along with Beck.

red ash 07-04-15-4

Call: Female, 17 years old

A young girl who runs a rinky-dink shop called Bones Agency inside Great Slope.

She’s run the place on her own since her parents disappeared on her at the age of 10. She’s poured all of her time and energy into protecting and improving the shop they left behind, making sure everything is in order just in case they ever come home… Also, she loves money. Like REALLY loves money.

This mechanic specializes in buying lost technology excavated by Delvers and breaking it down into scrap for her own custom weapon designs. Call seems to have a very bright personality, but she is extremely strict when it comes to matters of money. She’s a master bargainer, and never lets a single cent to go to waste. Utilizing her technological know-how and information network, she has sent Beck and Tyger on a variety of strange missions over the years.

red ash 07-04-15-5

Gofer: Gender/age unknown

An autonomous A.I.-powered robot created by Call, and official employee of the Bones Agency. Seems like it receives a salary, but no one knows the details.

Its face is actually a digital monitor capable of displaying a wide range of expressions or different types of information.

Here’s a brief synopsis for the gameplay elements in Red Ash:

RED ASH is an action adventure game with third person shooter elements. One of the main goals behind the project is to inject more modern design elements into the classic action adventure RPG formula.

The main character, Beck, is tasked with infiltrating the interior of the Mobile Citadel KalKanon, exploring it’s village, castle, and hidden dungeons. His goal is to stop KalKanon before the Peacemakers make piecemeal of the whole thing!

  • How are Beck and crew going to stop KalKanon? Is it even possible?
  • What is the “Legendary Legacy” that is rumored to be hidden there? Can Beck get his hands on it, if it truly exists?
  • Who exactly is this so-called witch that lurks in KalKanon?

Solving these questions and more are the keys to uncovering the story of KalKanon.

That being said, we also want to include a myriad of elements to set this game apart from your typical RPG–specifically, bargaining between partners, interaction with NPCs, an almost mischievous sense of freedom, and dungeons built with elements of horror.

Of course, a key part of the game will be delving into dungeons to earn money in order to have Call develop parts and upgrade Beck’s abilities (in true action RPG fashion).

We have more plans and concepts we would like to implement, and we’ve integrated those ideas into our stretch goals. This includes making Tyger a playable character, special challenge dungeons, a village reconstruction system and more! The more stretch goals we clear, the closer we can take this game towards its original concept!

The new project also has a Kickstarter running for its anime, known as Red Ash: Magiciada, which is being handled by Studio 4℃. While the game is looking for $800,000 in funding, the anime is looking for $150,000 in funding.

It’s worth mentioning the Red Ash: Magiciada base funding goal is only for a five minute episode – while the $2,480,000 stretch goal is for a feature length film based on the IP.

You can find the Kickstarter for Red Ash: The Indelible Legend here. The Kickstarter for Red Ash: Magicicada can be found here.

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