The Story Behind Fire Emblem Fates’ Completely Falsified “Gay Conversion”

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Some bloggers caught wind of some interesting dialogue featured in Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’ recently launched Fire Emblem If, and have taken the game for a ride in a bid for more clicks over falsified controversy.

The number of websites and blogs that ran completely slanted pieces regarding this dialogue, some even before we even had proof of said dialogue, is almost beyond count.


The entire controversy is surrounded around two characters: the protagonist, and Soleil (pictured above). [TL Note: Thus far the character’s names have been romanized as Kamui and Soleil in the dialogue] Soleil, the woman, is known to easily fall for other women, sometimes even fainting on the battlefield at the mere sight of cute girls.

At this point, it’s worth reiterating that Soleil’s actual sexual orientation isn’t clearly known (for now).

Due to her predicament, Soleil open up to the protagonist regarding her weakness towards other women. However, the protagonist uses magic to switch everyone’s gender, from her perspective, without her knowing.

The magic eventually wears off, and Soleil is now comfortable around other women – however, she’s now developed feelings for the protagonist as well. It’s also worth mentioning that Soleil is thankful afterwards, instead of upset or angry at the protagonist.

Instead of pointing fingers, let’s present the actual dialogue ourselves, which our translator (Claude Smith) has directly translated.

You can find the dialogue below. (Thanks, GaijinHunter!)

Kamui: Soleil, you’re sighing. Is something worrying you?

Soleil: Kind of, but I don’t think you’d be able to understand.

Kamui: Something I couldn’t understand? What is it?

Soleil: If you’re going to act like that, there’s nothing to be done. I’ll tell you. I want to be a cool, strong woman. That’s what I intend to do by working so hard. But even though I’m working hard, I have a weakness that I can’t seem to overcome.

Kamui: A weakness?

Soleil: Yes, and because of that . . . I’ve hit an obstacle on the road to becoming a strong and cool woman.

Kamui: That sounds very serious. What is it?

Soleil: (pauses) I’m very weak around cute girls.

Kamui: Oh, well, I know that. So?

Soleil: If I get close to one that’s my type, I end up fainting. I’m just too sensitive.

Kamui: Hmm?

Soleil: Do you remember? When we were coming back from the battle, I fainted!

Kamui: Oh yes, there was that. I worried that you might have been injured

Soleil: No, it’s not that. It wasn’t a result of the battle. The truth is …  A cute town girl came up to thank me and I got dizzy.

Kamui: Ah, is that how it was?

Soleil: So long as I have this weakness, it’ll be impossible for me to be a cool woman.

Kamui: I never knew you had this kind of worry.

(TEXT BOX) Kamui and Soleil’s Support Level Increased to C!

Soleil: Wait, who are you? (blushes)

Kamui: It’s me. Kamui.

Soleil: Whaaaaaaaa -! But you – the person before my eyes is a girl!

Kamui: It looks like this was a huge success.

Soleil: Success? I totally don’t get it.

Kamui: Right now, you see me as a girl, don’t you?

Soleil: Completely.

Kamui: Well, I got some magical powder. Sorry, but earlier, I put some of it in your drink. The people who take this powder, amazingly, see people outside of themselves as the opposite gender.

Soleil: Whaat? So because of that, I see Kamui-san as a girl?

Kamui: That’s right. After we talked, I thought a lot about how to resolve your troubles. Then I came to this conclusion. You see me as a girl, so use me to overcome the problem. I’ll move closer to you now. Be careful not to pass out and build up your tolerance.

Soleil: Eh? Eh!? I’m happy but I have my own type. And you’re really Kamui.

Kamui: Come closer. Look deeply into my eyes.

Soleil: Huh . . . wh- this feeling is . . .  It’s sort of out of place but . . . I feel my heart pounding. Say, Kaumi-san. Would you call my name?

Kamui: Soleil.

Soleil: Could you do that in a higher pitch?  To make it seem more real.

Kamui: All right. Soleil.

Soleil: Oooh!

Kamui: Thank you so much for saving our town! You’re really strong and cool!

Soleil: Wow!

Kamui: How was that? I tried to act like one of the town’s women.

Soleil: It was excellent. I’m on the verge of fainting.

Kamui: Okay then. We’ll use this method for special training. Shall we try again one more time?

Soleil: Yes, please do that. But before we do that, can I take a short break?

Kamui: Of course.

Soleil: Yay! So while this magic powder’s still in effect, I want to look at some of the male soldiers! This bunch normally is ugly. I wonder what kind of cute girls they’ll turn into?

Kamui: Wha -!? W- wait, Soleil! It’s not good to use the magic for things like that! Soleil!

(TEXT BOX) Kamui and Soleil’s Support Level Increased to B!

Kamui: Soleil, I looked for you.

Soleil: Oh, okay.

Kamui: How were the results of the special training?

Soleil: It was no good. Not much changed. But after I returned from battle, the cute town girls surrounded me. The blood rushed to my head, and when I came to, they were fussing over me. Even though you used that magic powder and gave me that special training.

Kamui: Ah, I see.

Soleil: I’m sorry, Kamui-san.

Kamui: It’s okay. No need for apologies. Good results don’t come quickly. So don’t let it get to you.

Soleil: That’s right. Putting on a gloomy face is no good. I used to be a crybaby, but Father told me something. Soleil, put on a happy face. If you laugh, something good will happen. So no matter what happens, I’m going to keep smiling. Okay!

Kamui: You don’t have to force yourself to smile.

Soleil: I won’t. I couldn’t succeed with the special training but you tried with all your might to do something for me. I’m very happy because of that. So this isn’t a forced smile. It’s a real one.

Kamui: Oh. Well, that makes me happy too. You’re an important comrade. And if you have more troubles in the future, I’ll lend a hand.

Soleil: Really? Thanks! Then maybe I’ll have you continue the special training. Seeing you as a woman is very appealing. And even if we don’t have the magic powder, it’s fun to be with you, Kamui-san!

Kamui: Thanks. I’ll think up many more ways to do special training in the future.

Soleil: Yes! I’m looking forward to it!

(TEXT BOX) Kamui and Soleil’s Support Level Increased to A!

Soleil: Ah, there you are. Kamuo-san!

Kamui: Soleil. You came!

Soleil: What’s up? You called me out here and I don’t see anything here.

Kamui: Ah, but there is something. Look up at the sky.

Soleil: The sky? Oh . . .

Kamui: On this side you can best how big the sun is.

Soleil: Wow, this is really pretty!

Kamui: Yes. It’s like looking at you.

Soleil: Hmm?

Kamui: Your smiling face is like the sun. I want to be next to that face, always looking at it.

Soleil: What is it, Kamuo-san? Did you hit your head really hard?

Kamui: No! I was being totally serious!  . . . Soleiyu, I have something I want you to accept.

Soleil: This is a ring.

Kamui: That’s right. Today, I called you here to propose to you.

Soleil: Marriage? Whaaaa!?

Kamui: I tried to find one that would suit you, modeled after the sun. I’d be glad if you accepted this.

Soleil: (pauses) I’m sorry!

Kamui: Oh.

Soleil: Wait, that’s not it! I wasn’t going to refuse. You went to all the trouble of confessing. I was apologizing for asking if you hit your head.

Kamui: Ah, is that all. You had me surprised.

Soleil: Of course my answer is “okay”! There’s no other man who can make my heart race like this. From the day I saw you as a woman, I always liked you.

Kamui: Oh, from the day you saw me as a woman. What if that hadn’t happened . . . you fell in love with the female me!?

Soleil: Right!

Kamui: Right, she says.

Soleil: But that’s okay. Right now I totally love the male Kamuo-san. Because from the time I drank that magic powder, I was seeing people as girls. And from that time, the only one who made my heart race was you, Kamuo-san. Even now, my heart is beating. Hey, want to touch my chest and see?

Kamui: Whoa! That’s not good!

Soleil: Why not?

Kamui: We’re not even a couple yet, I can’t be recklessly pawing a lady’s body. I understand how you feel . . . and you need to take good care of yourself.

Soleil: All right, I got it.

Kamui: That’s it. Thank you for accepting my marriage proposal. I’ll definitely make you happy. And in return, don’t fool around with other men. Although I probably don’t have to worry about that with you.

Soleil: (laughs) I won’t fool around. From now on, the only one for me is Kamuo-san. (spoken) Thank you! And I love you very much! This is the first time I’ve felt this way other than with women. This is a little embarrassing.

(scene ends)

[TL Note: And that was the scene. When we look at the entire content instead of cherry-picking, we see it’s a rather harmless and cute moment in a fantasy game. Her agency wasn’t reduced, and she could have refused his proposal at any time]

So there you have it – this is clearly not a case of a character being drugged up and forced to have sex with the opposite sex, in an effort to “convert” them (which actually happens in conversion camps here in the United States).

It’s utterly disgraceful to see blogs, let alone other websites, report on this dialogue and story arc in the way they have. I hope this serves as a reminder that we should wait until we have the actual dialogue on hand, upon which, we’ll do the evaluation.

[Editor’s Note: The article originally stated that Soleil was into girls in a bid to get revenge on her father – we do not have a proper source for this line of dialogue, as well as that she was ‘asking for help, by any means possible’ with her predicament. These have been amended for accuracy to the source material. Should we find evidence, we’ll update the post]

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