Gal Gun: Double Peace Talks About Platform Differences

Following the release of the Gal Gun: Double Peace opening movie (seen above), Inti Creates and Experience have released a number of the differences that can be seen between the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the upcoming second Gal Gun game. Here is what we know:

To begin, both versions are ultimately the same game, though the differences between using a controller and using touch controls make a sizeable difference in gameplay itself. Both versions support Cross-Saving and Cross-Buying, so any DLC or such you buy for one version of the game will be used for both versions. And, of course, Cross-Saves allow you to pick up where you left off on the other system.

As for differences, the PS4 version will be a 2.6GB download, while the Vita version is closer to just over 2GB. Neither version supports their respective peripherals – that is, the Vita game is not compatible with PlayStation TV, and the PS4 version will not be able to utilize the PlayStation Move.

Gameplay differences are seemingly minor, once you move past the controller vs. touch screen. In the PS Vita version, the Doki Doki Mode will support the touch screen, and will also allow you to play the Doki Doki Mode sequences with the screen vertically. For the PS4 version, the graphics appear clearer and sharper, as more or less expected, but it also includes a ‘Panic Screen’, or a ‘Mama Kita Gamen’ which translates roughly to a ‘Mom’s Here! Screen’. This will turn the game into an RPG that will allow players to save face if unexpected visitors drop in on them while playing.

Gal Gun: Double Peace will be hitting shelves in Japan on August 6th, with no news on a western debut for the series as of yet.

Along with this new information, Inti Creates has released a group of new screen shots, and a list of some of the voice actresses that will be voicing some of the over 70 fully voiced girls seen in the game.

And here is the list of voice actresses who will be lending their voices to the game:

  • Nana Inoue
  • Kana Ueda
  • Saori Onishi
  • Ari Ozawa
  • Runa Onodera
  • Sayaka Gomi
  • Hekiru Shiina
  • Aya Suzaki
  • You Taichi
  • Mikako Takahashi
  • Aiko Ninomiya
  • Mayuka Nomura
  • Maiko Baba
  • Anzu Haruno
  • Mayu Harumiya
  • Nana Harumura
  • Kei Hiraishi
  • Saki Fujita
  • Sakurako Madoka
  • Minami Muta
  • Shoko Yatabe
  • Sayuri Yahagi
  • Kana Yuuki
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