Battlezone Is Making a Comeback For Project Morpheus


Atari classic Battlezone is blasting its way onto a new generation and new platform. The PlayStation 4 VR Headset, Morpheus, has been introducing a variety of VR games, and Battlezone will be part of the first wave. Rebellion Studios acquired the Battlezone IP at Atari’s auction in 2013, and has been developing it since.

Battlezone is widely regarded as the world’s first virtual reality video game. Released in 1980, Battlezone put arcade players into an immersive arcade cabinet, where players had to look through periscope to play the game, similar to a tank commander. From there, players blasted through waves of enemies with green vector-line graphics and a black background.

This newer game is clearly inspired by Disney’s sci-fi classics, Tron and Tron: Legacy. Battlezone is playable on the show floor at E3 2015.

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Roberto Nieves


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