Mixed.Bag Games Announces the “Stick Dancing” Shmup Gemini_X

Mixed Bag Games, the makers of games such as forma.8 and the highly-praised Futuridium: Extended Play Deluxe, have revealed on their blog their newest game, Gemini_X.

Inspired by the great shmup games of the 1990’s, such as Raystorm and The Raiden Project, Gemini_X goes into that eastern style with new gameplay twists. As the blog details, the team was inspired by their development of Futuridum to create a new shmup, but with an intriguing twist. They want to introduce “Stick dancing” and as the video displays, it is quite interesting.

Players will control two ships, each of which is piloted by a genetically altered twin. Your goal is to prevent nasty aliens from destroying the Earth. Mixed.Bag doesnt have a platform yet, but the game runs on Unity 5.

In related news, the studio also revealed they are hard at work with a Project Morpheus game and are prepping to ship forma.8 later this year.

Roberto Nieves


Growing up on the shores of Long Branch, Roberto has developed quite a few skills in the field of radio broadcasting, writing, blogging, and photography.