Rumor: Nintendo’s NX Console Might be Android-Powered

weegee 06-01-15-1

We’ve learned that Nintendo’s upcoming NX console might be Android-powered.

The news comes from a report via Nikkei (via Hachima Kikou) in which the source has claimed the console will have an operating system based on the Android OS.

The report specifies that a specific point of interest urged the company to create an OS based upon the Android OS. The Nikkei report also points out that the Wii U’s OS hasn’t been that compatible in comparison to other home consoles, and that developers have been speaking out regarding difficulties with developing for the console.

As with any rumor – please take this with a grain of salt.

(Editor’s note: regarding the image, I was bored and didn’t want to use silly mock-ups of what the console might look like)

Brandon Orselli


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