Here’s the First Look at The Legend of Arslan Warriors

The Legend of Arslan Warriors 05-14-15-2

We’ve gotten the first real look at Koei Tecmo’s newly announced The Legend of Arslan Warriors, via a new online preview on Famitsu.

The new preview has given us the first direct feed screenshots of the musou game, as well as a story synopsis.

You can find the story synopsis below:

In the middle of the route that bridges East to West is the mighty nation of Pars, and its royal city of Ectabana. Travelers from all over congregate here, bringing their wealth and valuables. Arslan was born as the crown prince of this country, and was presumed to wear the crown under peace. However, a mysterious event led to the destruction of Pars’ cavalry.


The heathen nation of Lusitania eyed up the rich territories of Pars, and they launched their invasion. The “fainthearted” Prince Arslan experienced his first battle, and ultimately showed his weakness. A symbolization of his fears came through as a deadly wind in the middle of battle. Despite this, Arslan’s father King Andragoras III takes to the field to fight their enemy.

The “Mightiest of Warriors,” a knight named Daryun, comes through and fights alongside Arslan as they battle a common enemy, and their own sad fate. As the battle rages, Arslan and his allies fight together.

The Legend of Arslan Warriors is launching on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan some time this fall.

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