Level-5’s Cancelled PSP Game, Ushiro, Gets Another Chance as a Manga

ushiro 05-13-15-1

We’ve learned (via Games Talk) that Level-5’s cancelled Playstation Portable game, Ushiro, is getting another chance.

The game was previously adapted into a novel series last year, only to now get a visual adaptation into a manga series. Fans will be able to view the manga, entirely free of charge, via Web Newtype beginning this Friday, May 15th.

Ushiro tells the a horror story regarding spirits and fantasy, in which the high-school girl Nanako Nishizaki and death god Ushiro Reiichirou have an odd master-servant relationship. As you can expect, Ushiro obtains the souls of the dying to use in his various abilities, while Nanako, his polar opposite, doesn’t want to see people die.

New chapters will be coming every month, and they’ll also see publication in the monthly Gekkan Heroes magazine. This opens the door for the manga to eventually be adapted into an anime. It’s worth mentioning that Kadokawa previously expressed interest in bringing the IP to other media, but for now – we’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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