Cosmophony Brings a Drum ‘n’ Bass Assault to Playstation this Week

Inspired by the pulsating sounds of electric dance music and drum ‘n’ bass, Cosmophony is a music-themed shooter, set in an eclectic, mesmerizing landscape of color and sound – and it has been released on the Playstation Network this week. With the universe in disarray, players must fight to mend and recreate a new one.

Players must follow the music, navigate obstacles and adapt to the unpredictable challenges in the levels, as the music develops. The music, composed by DJ Salaryman, features a vast level of trance that adds layers of different effects as the player continues in the level.

DJ Salaryman has worked with various music leads and DJ’s in the industry, and has experimented with his tracks in various ways. The game is promised to please prospective gamers, most especially anyone looking for a hardcore experience. The game can also be described as similar to Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Rez.

Cosmophony is cross-buy enabled across all three Playstation platforms, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita, for $4.99. It was previously released on both iOS and Android.

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Roberto Nieves


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