Koei Tecmo’s Musou Series Has Sold Over 22 Million in Japan

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The release of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 last month has pushed Japanese sales of the entire Koei Tecmo musou series passed 22 million. This new milestone is across both portables and home consoles in Japan.

The Dynasty Warriors series is coasting on by at roughly 10 million units sold in Japan, while the Samurai Warriors musou is nearing 5 million sales. Warriors Orochi is at roughly 2.55 million units, Gundam musou is at 2 million, Fist of the North Star is at 1 million and finally the One Piece musou games are somewhere just beyond 1.5 million units.

While global units sold are currently not precisely known, rough estimates are put in the ballpark of 35 million units. The legwork for this data was handled solely by NeoGAF user ZhugeEX, who compiled everything from Dengeki, Famitsu, Koei, and Media Create. You should check out the thread with all the remaining information, which breaks sales down by individual games.

One thing’s for sure – the Warriors or musou games continue to sell, despite some fans getting burned out over them. Are you a fan of Koei Tecmo’s musou games, and if so, which ones?

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