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D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is Coming to PC

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We’ve learned (via Famitsu) that  Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro’s D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is coming to PC.

The Access Games-developed game was previously an Xbox One exclusive, and it came in individual episodes. “The proponent for this port was a presentation I did at the Game Developers Conference, where I showed off a PC version that we made to show off the recreation of human emotions and sensations we could provide, even without Kinect. This was playable with only a mouse,” said Suehiro when speaking to Famitsu.

“Before my presentation, we had a lot of fans who expressed their desire to play D4, but they unfortunately didn’t own an Xbox One. However, once people knew a PC version was made, they were very supportive of it getting a full release, on social media.”

Swery continued in detailing the development progress of the PC version. “This past month, the staff has been working very hard to get all components of the game ported to PC, so hopefully in May we’ll just be focused on bug fixing.”

Finally, a release date was not confirmed.

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