New Luminous Arc Infinity Details for Combat, Heroines Rana, Hisoka, Kasumi, and More

Marvelous recently showed off a number of new screenshots for Luminous Arc Infinity in addition to releasing some new information regarding a few of the game’s systems.

First up are three of the game’s heroines, as well as their character art:

Hisoka (VA: Ayana Sakura)

Luminous Arc Infinity 4-15-15 - 2

Hisoka is a chatty girl who is often seen laughing. She has a great sense of humor, and loves to make puns. She’s quick to make friends, but has trouble truly opening up her heart to others. She loves to read her books, but tends to shy away from other sources like newspapers, as information goes in one ear and out the other with her. She is incredibly tolerant, able to withstand hunger, holding her breath, the cold, and other extreme conditions for long periods of time.

Rana (VA: Ayaka Ohashi)

Luminous Arc Infinity 4-15-15 - 1

Pretty but oblivious, Rana is dense and bad at keeping tabs on her surroundings. She is afraid of any creature that is larger than a certain size, and gets incredibly nervous when left alone with such a creature. She is often misunderstood – despite her abundance of thinking about her own feelings, she is terrible at putting what she feels into words. Rana also tends toward speaking in questions, often posing them to herself.

Kasumi (VA: Aya Uchida)

Luminous Arc Infinity 4-15-15 - 3

Kasumi projects an air of confidence and refined grace. She is almost never seen without a smile on her face, even when angry – which makes for quite the scare when she decides to draw her weapon with that same smile. She is generally responsible and dependable, though she does have slip-ups and air-headed moments too. She is a huge fan of fortune-telling, and has a penchant for the occult, often trying to solve curse-related problems. Kasumi handles romance poorly, to say the least, and has trouble maintaining her cool in such a situation. She is also incredibly positive, and hopes to be an archaeologist someday.

Battle System

Luminous Arc Infinity uses several systems that will help characters do more damage in battle through teaming up and helping each other out.

Luminous Arc Infinity 4-15-15 - 4

One such system is the ability to use “Duo Rent”, which allows characters to make use of another’s abilities called “Arts”. When a character has triggered “Duo Rent” with another, that character is able to borrow the other’s Arts to attack – it will also boost the two’s affinity for one another.

Luminous Arc Infinity 4-15-15 - 5

Another system at work in the game is the “Duo Strike”. A step above Duo Rent, Duo Strikes allow characters to combine two different Arts for a greater effect. When using Duo Strikes, the combined Arts will have their attribute changed according to the enemy’s weakness, making for especially deadly attacks.

Luminous Arc Infinity 4-15-15 - 6

“Central Leaders” will also play a pivotal role in battles. Players will be able to choose one heroine as the Central Leader for a battle, which will confer boosts to their strength in battle as well as the amount of experience they gain from the battle.

Luminous Arc Infinity is set for an August 6th release in Japan on PlayStation Vita.

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  1. dsadsada
    April 15, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    Rana is bad at keeping tabs of her surroundings…and she’s an archer? Really? Man, she really is dense.

  2. Tromboner
    April 16, 2015 at 11:55 pm

    Those illustrations are all pretty busy looking, but the in-game style looks nice. Here’s hoping the game is good.