New Details on the Yorigami Companions, Battle, and More in Ray Gigant

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Dengeki Online has gone up with a new preview of Ray Gigant, Bandai Namco and Experience’s upcoming PS Vita dungeon RPG, detailing the Yorigami companions able to fuse with the game’s three protagonists, as well as the three different distances from which you’ll fight at.

Dengeki Online recently put up a preview of Ray Gigant, the new PS Vita RPG that is being co-developed by Bandai Namco and Experience (of Demon Gaze fame). The preview encompassed the Yorigami — battle companions who will be fighting alongside the game’s three protagonists — as well as some of the battle system’s basics.

The Yorigami

In Ray Gigant’s world, Yorigami are some strange, unknown life form that are highly intelligent and capable of speech. Yorigami are able to fight alongside humans by acting as a weapon against the encroaching threat of the Gigants.

Ichiya’s Yorigami – Babakiri (VA: Kenta Miyake)

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Babakiri excels at direct attacks utilizing a large blade. His personality is that of a grizzled army veteran, and he is often heard scolding Ichiya.

Kyle’s Yorigami – Ansara (VA: Nobuya Mine)

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Ansara utilizes a crossbow for medium range engagement. Though he is prone to causing the others unnecessary worry, he understands Kyle well and helps to keep him focused on the journey at hand.

Nil’s Yorigami – Kukurukan (VA: Mitsuki Nakae)

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Kukurukan prefers to engage at long ranges while using magic to attack and support others. While Nil acts like a high-class lady, she often seems sheltered, and unaware of much of the world. She often supervises Nil as they work, but can also be very pushy to fight together, which helps their personalities mesh incredibly well.

Distances in Battle

When fighting a Gigant, your characters can fight at three ranges: Short, Middle, and Long. Each distance has pros and cons, and it will be necessary to change your distance as the situation demands throughout a battle.

Short Distance

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Short distance fighting consists of fighting with short range weapons such as swords and axes. Physical attacks will be the dominant force here.

Middle Distance

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At the middle distance, using ranged weaponry and magic will be the best way to attack. Those stationed in middle distance are also able to assist those fighting up close. This distance also provides a bit of safety from the Gigant’s physical attacks.

Long Distance

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Fighting at long distances mostly consists of using rifles and magic. In addition, those fighting at this distance will be able to lay traps on the battlefield, and assist anyone fighting at both middle and short distance.

Also displayed in this preview were screenshots of Loki, one of the bosses from Kyle’s chapter.

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