Freedom Wars Producer is Leaving the Project

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The producer of Freedom Wars, Junichi Yoshizawa, is leaving the project.

The news comes from a Tumblr post (via Hachima Kikou) in which Yoshizawa hands the reins for the game off to the new producer, Tokuou Ohnuma:

I’ve decided to leave the Freedom Wars project.

My deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported my projects all the way until now, most especially Freedom Wars!

I worry that a lot of people might be concerned with the future of Freedom Wars after hearing this.

[Associate Producer Tokuou] Ohnuma is going to take over Freedom Wars.

From this point forward, please look out for announcements from Ohnuma.

It’s worth mentioning that since last November, Yoshizawa has been touring all of Japan’s 47 prefectures, in an effort to promote the game. This past Monday was his visit to Okinawa, and thus, his tour has ended.

Strangely, in a recent interview with Famitsu during his visit to Okinawa, Yoshizawa also told fans to speak up with their want for a sequel to the game. “The decision for a sequel to be made is not from my input alone,” said Yoshizawa. “In the end, it’s very crucial for the fans to speak up so that we can know if there is demand or not.”

We wish Yoshizawa the best with his future endeavors – and we’ll keep you guys posted regarding Freedom Wars.

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