KanColle News: Ikazuchi Gets a Figurine, the Anime Gets a Sequel

kantai collection figurine 2015-03-26 7

Fans who have been waiting for Kantai Collection Kai got some bad news recently, when it was announced that the PS Vita port of the browser game would be delayed.

It’s not all gloomy in Kan Colle land, however: a new 1/8 figurine of Ikazuchi, the  “Ikazuchi Animation Version”, has been released. The figurine has movable shield, torpedo, and gun parts, and sports a cheeky expression. It will be released in August of this year, and will cost 9,000 yen (excluding tax).

In Kan Colle anime news, the television anime has finished airing, and the occasion was followed by an announcement that Kan Colle would be returning. It’s unknown what form this sequel will take—a continuation of the TV series, a movie, or something else.

(Thanks, Inside Games, Moca News, ANN.)

Dimi Gronnings


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