New Trailer Released for Experience’s Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

A new trailer has been released for Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy, the upcoming sequel to the dungeon-crawling RPG, Operation Abyss. You can watch the video above.

The game doesn’t appear to have changed fundamentally, although the character portraits have been diversified, and more items for abilities and spells are now available. The biggest change was inspired by From Software’s Souls series: players can leave messages online for other players now.

Operation Babel‘s opening movie was released in January, in case you missed it.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy is due to release on April 30 in Japan, for the Playstation Vita. The first-print run will include a bonus, in the form of Chaos;Child skins for the heroines of the team. The DRPG is yet to be announced for Europe and North America. However, Westerners will be able to play its predecessor, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, which launches in early June in the West.

(Thanks, Game Kult.)

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