Rhythm-Action Game Thumper is Sure to Give you Epilepsy, Hallucinations, and More

Thumper is a game where you play as a space beetle, plummeting down neon-drenched railways through what appears to be another dimension. It’s described as a “classic rhythm-action game with speed and physicality,” but I think it definitely has some kind of kick to it.

Featured above, you can view the latest trailer for the game, dubbed the “Rhythm Violence” teaser. Thumper is developed by two men of indie studio DROOL, Brian Gibson (Lightning Bolt) and Marc Flury (ex-Harmonix). The game will be coming to whichever platforms make sense, and will ship “when it’s finished”.

Not much can be said about the gameplay so far, other than your ultimate goal being to kill Crakhed, an “insane giant head” from the future.

thumper 02-22-15-1

Thumper will be playable at PAX East in the Indie MEGABOOTH, between March 6th and 7th. If you stop by and play, you have a chance of winning a limited edition t-shirt (featured above), created by Mat Brinkman.

The game will also be playable at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop in San Francisco between March 4th and 6th—so we’ll be making an attempt to stop by and get some hands on time with the game.

Brandon Orselli


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