Tri-Ace to be Acquired by Nepro Japan, Refocused on the Mobile Games Market

tri-ace logo 2015-02-20

Nepro Japan announced today that it will be acquiring all of Tri-Ace, the video game developer responsible for such titles as Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Phantasy Star Nova.

Tri-Ace is privately owned. According to Kabutan, the acquisition will cost 413 million yen (about $3.5 million), which cost will be composed of 333 million yen in cash payments and 80 million yen in Nepro shares. This cost does not include advisory fees and the like.

Bloomberg describes Nepro Japan as a company that focuses on mobile communications. However, Nepro Japan’s subsidiaries also develop video games for mobile devices, and the company is looking to further bolster its presence in the mobile games market with acquisitions such as this.

Dimi Gronnings


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