Oceanhorn, the Zelda: Wind Waker-Look Alike, is Being Remastered on PC this March

This author was one of those people who overlooked the gorgeous Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker-inspired Oceanhorn because it was an iOS exclusive. It may have been for the best, because the game is now coming to Windows PCs (via Steam) on March 17th.

Featured above, you can view a brand new trailer made specifically for the game’s Steam/PC remastering. The game looks better than ever. If the music in Oceanhorn sounds familiar and enchanting, it’s probably because both Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and Romancing SaGa composer Kenji Ito contributed to the game’s score.

oceanhorn 02-19-15-1

The game places you in the role of a young boy in search of his father, who has mysteriously vanished and left behind only a letter, his old notebook, and a curious necklace. You’ll embark on an action-adventure experience as you explore the Uncharted Seas, leading to the unraveling of the mystery of the eponymous sea monster, Oceanhorn, and the ancient kingdom of Arcadia.

The Steam release of Oceanhorn brings with it the 15+ hours of story-driven gameplay from the iOS original, as well as Steam achievements, leaderboards, cloud saving, Steam trading cards, and full controller support.

You can find Oceanhorn here on Steam.

Brandon Orselli


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