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Gamestalk recently provided some new information about the training and friendship systems in Makai Shin Trillion, referring to data gleaned from Compile Heart’s official site.

As Zeabolos, players must raise and train Devil Lords in order to defeat Trillion. They can do this during periods when Trillion is dormant. These periods are measured by the NPC, Faust, in “cycles” and “days”, with one cycle equaling seven days. Until the remaining number of days reaches zero, players can raise and train the Devil Lords (after which Trillion will wake and attack Zeabolos). This training can be split into drills and recreation, each of which consume one day.


Once players accumulate six periods of training, they earn various types of experience points, each of which are suited for improving different Demon Lord abilities, depending on how they are assigned.

There are six kinds of training:

  • Knocking down steel bullet balls—mainly increases fighting spirit
  • Suspended meditation over pincushion needle hell—mainly increases magical power
  • Flame evasion on a path of the Makai—mainly improves reaction time
  • Infinite drilling on a big magic square—mainly improves techniques
  • Tessen dance in a windstorm—mainly improves sense
  • Asura training in a scorching hot spring—mainly improves charm

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During training, battle, or relaxation, players may occasionally be presented with options in the form of events, and depending on their choices, they may earn extra experience points or items. More than 100 different events can occur, depending on circumstances.

Success and Failure

While training, various cut-ins will appear to notify the players whether the training is a “super big success”, “big success”, “success”, or “failure”. A good result means the amount of experience points players get will be increased.

Getting “super big success” on three occasions will unlock Fever Time, and three “failures” will unlock a chance for a big reversal. When Fever Time is active, for the next seven days, all results are “super big successes”. When players earn a chance for a big reversal, a slot machine will appear and activate. Depending on its result, the amount of experience points players earn will be multiplied.

Training prizes: Demon Lords’ gachapon

As players train their Demon Lords, they might earn a Demon Lords’ capsule from a capsule machine as a reward. The gift item inside the capsule, if given to a Demon Lord, can increase friendship with her.

There are 100 items in total in the game.

Depending on the personality of a particular Demon Lord, giving one type of present might please her, while another might not.

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The Demon Lords accumulate Fatigue as they go through training. The higher their Fatigue, the likelier it is that they will get a failing result for their training. If they are very tired, they might suffer an injury that makes it impossible to train. For this reason, players should train their Demon Lords in moderation, and let them relax occasionally.

There are three types of holiday breaks that Demon Lords can take.

  • R&R—reduces Fatigue
  • Intermingling—improves friendship between Devil Lords
  • Command—increases war funds

Improving abilities

The experience points earned through training can be assigned to improve parameters and learn skills. Players’ choices in this regard will greatly change the battle with Trillion.

The types of parameters that can be improved, and what they mean:

  • Hit Points. Once these hit zero, you die.
  • Magic Points. Once these hit zero, you can’t use skills.
  • ATK: physical attack power.
  • DEF: denotes defense.
  • INT: indicates magical attack power.
  • RES: indicates resistance to magical attack.
  • SPD: initiative. When this is high, players have more chances to attack during a battle.
  • CAP: leadership. The higher this is, the more “Booster Devils” the Demon Lords can lead into battle.


As Zeabolos trains the Demon Lords, he can improve his affinity with them, unlocking special event images that show how their friendship has evolved. These events can steer the game towards different story endings.

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For more on the story and characters, read our first report on the game. You can watch the gameplay trailer here.

Compile Heart will begin selling Makai Shin Trillion for the PS Vita in Japan on May 21.

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