Leaked Footage of Rayman DLC for Super Smash Bros. Emerges [UPDATE]

rayman 02-15-15-1

We know that Mewtwo will be the first piece of downloadable post-launch content for the newest Super Smash Bros. on both Wii U and 3DS, and now it seems like the next DLC character may have been prematurely leaked, too.

File this under a rumor for now, but footage (edit: here’s a mirror) showing off the limbless hero surfaced on a non-official Youtube channel. We did manage to get some screen caps via some 4chan users, which you can find below:

Notice anything interesting about one of these screenshots? The one to the far right shows off a “Shop” icon, which may mean that the game will be getting its own in-game store.

It’s also worth mentioning that prior to the game’s launch, game director Masahiro Sakurai revealed an image of a Rayman trophy, which got many people speculating as to whether the Ubisoft icon would be appearing in the game.

Nintendo of Canada quickly squashed this rumor, and yet here we are today. Nintendo previously stated they have no further plans for paid DLC in the game, but having a licensed post-launch character like Rayman certainly smells of paid DLC.

We’ll keep you guys posted.


As expected, it was a hoax. Watch the video above to find out how the guy did it.]

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