D.E.Z. Bringing The Innocent Luna: Eclipsed Sinners to Steam in Mid-2015

The Innocent Luna Eclipsed Sinners 2015-02-15 2

Indie developer D.E.Z. Studio has recently acquired the rights from Angel Blue Digital Entertainment to sell the visual novel, The Innocent Luna: Eclipsed Sinners, to English players on Steam.

In The Innocent Luna, a series of murders have been perpetrated in an isolated and forgotten town, shattering the serenity that was once there. The protagonist’s lover was one of the victims. Players must follow the memories and dreams she left behind in order to discover who was responsible for her death.

D.E.Z. Studio claims that The Innocent Luna‘s main plot alone has more than 10 hours of story. In addition, multiple branching routes exist which can lead to fourteen unique endings.

You can watch the trailer for the VN and some of its gameplay below.

The Innocent Luna: Eclipsed Sinners has already been greenlit, and is expected to be available in mid-2015.



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