“Majora’s Mask Pack” DLC for Hyrule Warriors Detailed

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Nintendo recently announced a “Majora’s Mask Pack” DLC for Hyrule Warriors, which they’ve now detailed.

The Majora’s Mask DLC includes the following content:

  • Young Link, a new character, a quick and nimble fighter who, when he uses a demon mask, becomes stronger and doesn’t stop attacking until his enemies are defeated.
  • Tingle, a new character with idiosyncratic attacks (among them a balloon, money bags, and a kiss), who is very mobile on the battlefield.
  • The Termina Map, a new Adventure Mode map, in which players can use item cards that hold new powers. Players will also be able to earn new weapons and costumes.
  • “Memories of Time” costumes, which consist of three items: a “Skull Kid Style” costume for Lana, and “Ocarina of Time Style” costumes for Impa and Shiek.

All four pieces of DLC content can be bought separately, too. The new characters and the map individually cost 500 yen each, and the new costumes can be bought for 200 yen.

On the same day that the “Majora’s Mask Pack” DLC releases, Hyrule Warriors is getting an update, which will make the following changes to the game according to Gematsu:

  • increased level cap;
  • new mixing materials, medals, and weapon skills;
  • Junk Store updated with “Skills Cancellation”, “Skills Advice”, and “Weapons Sale”; and
  • Adventure Mode information screen updated with “Damage Taken” and “Retry from the Beginning”.

The “Majora’s Mask Pack” launches the same day as Hyrule Warriors’ update 1.5.0, on January 29 in Japan and February 5 everywhere else. The DLC will cost 1,200 yen or $7.99.

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