Get a Look at This Big and Beautiful Super Pochaco Figurine

Super Pochaco CharaGumin 01-15-15-7

If you don’t know who Super Pochaco is – you must not be a Super Sonico fan! Super Pochaco was created by the same designer as Sonico, Tsuji Santa, back in January of last year.

While she’s already gotten some various art and designs with Sonico (all by Santa as well), an unpainted figurine of her, dubbed the “Super Pochaco CharaGumin Swimsuit ver.“, popped up last summer.

Now, a fully painted version has surfaced, courtesy of Santa himself. Featured above and below, you can view the painted version, standing at 1/8th scale:

This figurine is part of Volk’s pre-painted but not fully assembled line of garage kits, otherwise known as CharaGumin. The actual design this figurine was based off of can be viewed below, a piece that Santa did as a celebration of Valentine’s Day last year:

Super Pochaco CharaGumin 01-15-15-8

The figure was originally exclusive to the Hobby Chara 2014, Wonder Festival 2014 Summer, and JUMP events via Volks’ own Akihabara Hobby Heaven. It was sold unpainted for  ¥10000 (roughly $85USD).

A release date has not been confirmed, and it’s currently not listed on Volks’ online store, although you can buy a figurine of her friend, Super Sonico (also done by Tsuji Santa).

Even though a game for Super Pochaco was teased by Nitroplus back in April of last year (for April Fool’s day), it seems like the bigger friend of Sonico has yet to get her own time to shine.

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