This Guy Managed to Play Doom with Toasters

We’ve seen Doom running on ATM machines, tiny PCs, and now … being played with toasters?

Featured above, Youtuber Vexal has seemingly figured out how to configure a (newer) toaster to run as an input device, on a Windows PC. It appears that newer toasters have an industry standard microcontroller, to regulate the heat on the toaster’s micro-coils.

What does this mean for the regular PC gamer/hobbyist? It has a USB port on the toaster’s logic board, which presumably means it could do something when hooked up to a PC. Lo and behold, the toaster seems to be configurable to input keystrokes on the PC.

The problem here is that most toasters only have one form of interactivity, i.e. the single lever. The solution? Run multiple toasters as various singular inputs for a game! If you watch to the end, you’ll witness the insanity as Vexal tries playing id Software’s Doom, with three toasters.

So what do you guys think? Real? Fake? Completely insane?

Brandon Orselli


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