Caution! Devolver Digital Wants to Make a New Seaman Game

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It seems like the wonderful folks at Devolver Digital harbored a love for strange and/or unique games even before they opened their doors back in 2011.

A recent Twitter exchange between Devolver Digital CFO, Fork Parker, and Seaman creator, Yoot Saito, has us hoping for a potential sequel … or remake, perhaps?

It all started with Fork asking Sega to kindly give them the license for the series, so they could make a new Seaman game:

“Hey SEGA please let us nerds at DevolverDigital have the license to create a new Seaman game. Pretty please.”

This clearly provided no results, so Fork moved onto the creator of Seaman himself, Yoot Saito:

“@YootSaito Hi, if you still own the rights to Seaman then let’s make a new one.”

To which Saito-san actually responded, and pretty bluntly at that:

“@ForkParker Hi. For smartphone?”

Finally, the public discussion ended with Parker suggesting the game for both PC and smartphone:

“@YootSaito Maybe PC and smartphone?”

It’s worth noting that Nintendo did trademark both Mysterious Pet: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face and Mysterious Partner: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face in Japan, back in July of 2013, names that clearly allude to the Seaman franchise.

Yoot Saito is still making games, his most recent title being Aero Porter, an airport simulation game that was part of the Guild01 collaboration on the Nintendo eShop. It’s not quite Seaman, but it’s equally as unique and intriguing, in my opinion.

Could we be seeing a new Seaman game in the near future? Hopefully so, now that Devolver Digital is rustling things up between Sega and the creator himself.

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