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Sony Postpones Its Return to the Chinese Market, Again

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Sony has been planning to enter the Chinese market after China reviewed and finally repealed its 14-year ban on gaming consoles.

Sony initially intended to bring both the Playstation 4 console and the PS Vita handheld to the market in December of 2014, but this was delayed until January 11, 2015. Just ahead of the launch today, Sony have again announced a delay.

No concrete reason has been provided for the repeated postponements.

Microsoft launched its Xbox One in the country last September, but consumers don’t appear to be impressed, according to Business Insider. Chinese gamers are used to mobile and PC gaming, which are entirely different paradigms to console gaming, so what’s worked for Microsoft elsewhere is unlikely to work there. (Japan, another now console-averse country, is giving the Xbox One much the same reception.)

Sony is likely to have a slightly better reception than Microsoft did, thanks to its devices’ lower prices. The Xbox sells for $600 in China, but the PS4 will debut for $468. However, piracy will likely still be a concern.

Really, the focus of the console-makers with their initial forays into the country is to establish their brands.

Nintendo is likely to have the most success, if it executes its plans properly. The company is planning to enter China, too, but not with its Wii U. Instead, an entirely new console will be created just for the Chinese market, probably aimed at circumventing piracy, as their iQue Player did.

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