Samurai Warriors Anime Trailer Prepares for Its January 11th Premiere

Koei Tecmo’s anime adaptation for their ongoing Samurai Warriors series is going to premiere tomorrow in Japan.

To hype up their upcoming launch, an updated trailer (featured above) was published onto the series’ official website. The key theme in the series will be the question of what each of the iconic and historical figures fight for. The series is being headed by KOEI Tecmo Games software development head Hisashi Koinuma, who will act as chief production supervisor.

For those who haven’t followed any of the Samurai Warriors games, they go down in the Sengoku (warring states) time of Japan, where horrible and violent battles erupt across the entire country. The main characters appear to be the Sanada brothers, who previously swore to each other to fighter together until the end.

Finally, the series will be airing on both Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Brandon Orselli


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