You Can Enjoy the No Man’s Sky Concert That Sony Threw at the Playstation Experience, Now

Attendees at the PlayStation Experience were treated to an exclusive, one-hour-plus No Man’s Sky concert, which featured visuals from the upcoming PS4 space odyssey, and music from the game’s composers, indie band 65daysofstatic.

Sony recently put it up online and now everyone else gets to experience it, too. Click play above and let it play in the background while you do other stuff.

The concert was introduced with a special retrospective of Hello Games’ journey, from their first game, Joe Danger, all the way to No Man’s Sky. That’s right at the beginning, so if you only have five minutes, I recommend you spend it on the start.

Here are a few choice screenshots from the concert for you to ogle:

The color palette in No Man’s Sky is amazing, something of a cross between pastel and neon.

Oh, and like Ready at Dawn did, Hello Games decided to post a unique Christmas e-card yesterday:

no man's sky 2014-12-25 holiday greetings


If this wasn’t enough No Man’s Sky-related stuff for you, you can also watch the half hour of gameplay that went up a while ago, assuming you haven’t yet.

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