This Hibari from Senran Kagura Figure Lets You Stick Things in Her Ass

Oh how the Japanese love to titillate their fans. Chara-ani has revealed a new Hibari (from Senran Kagura) figurine, and it’s not quite like the majority of figures I’ve seen before:

senran kagura 12-25-14-6

So that’s what makes this one so special – you can stick things in her ass. The figure itself is sculpted by artist Moenori, dubbed the “Senran Kagura Hibari Raw Ass” figure, and it stands at roughly 1/8th (175mm) scale.

If you buy the figurine early on, you’ll get that rabbit sandwiched in her ass free of charge, although this appears to be a limited time offer.

The Hibari figurine is set to be made available sometime in late April of next year, and it will cost 11,046 yen (including tax).

Are you looking to import?

Brandon Orselli


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