Learn the Origins of The Lion King from Westwood Studios Co-Founder Louis Castle

Double Fine has kicked off a series of let’s play videos that are somewhat different from your typical Youtuber – they feature developers that actually worked on the games being played.

The first in their series of “Devs Play” videos features Louis Castle, co-founder of the now-shuttered Westwood Studios, alongside Double Fine’s Greg Rice. They start off by playing the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version of Disney’s Aladdin, which is noticeably different from the SNES version developed by Shinji Mikami and Capcom.

Their introduction leads to the real meat of the recording, where they pick up playing The Lion King and go over what made the game so fun and yet challenging. To be clear, Westwood Studios only handled the development of The Lion King, while Aladdin was developed by Virgin Games. Louis Castle was the director on The Lion King, as Westwood Studios co-developed the game alongside Virgin Games.

The full schedule for the later Devs Play video can be found below:

  • 12/23 – The Lion King
  • 12/30 – Earthbound (The Mother Trilogy)
  • 1/6 – Gauntlet DS [featuring Mike Mika]
  • 1/13 – The Legend of Zelda
  • 1/20 – Doom [featuring John Romero]
  • 1/27 – Psychonauts [featuring Tim Schafer + members of the original team

Do you guys remember Aladdin or The Lion King? If so, which do you prefer? Which version of Aladdin do you like more?

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